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At 6’2 296, Timmy Jernigan has the size to play a few positions on the defensive line. His size would allow him to play 1,3,5 techniques but his arm length may hinder him in the eyes of some GMs. Size and play best fit for 1 or 5,but best fit for 1. can’t really penetrate enough for 3. On the weight front, he’d be best to try to clean up some sloppy weight which he carries.


Timmy Jernigan is a good athlete; sometimes that is very apparent, sometimes it is not. Off the line Jernigan is very, very slow. When the ball is snapped Jernigan has poor anticipation and a lack of explosion of the ball, really for no reason. He doesn’t allows get adequate leg drive out of his stance which could be one excuse for Jernigan’s slow get-off.
Though Jernigan’s explosion off the snap is sub-par, and that’s a huge negative that leads to more issues in his game, he does possess good athleticism in other areas. Jernigan has a questionable motor, but he has the speed to chase down players along the LOS in the run game, and has surprising closing speed. Additionally, his long speed is underrated, once he gets moving he’s pretty fast for a DT.

As a whole, Jernigan has the athletic tools to be prosper, but he will need to play to his strengths as a result of the lack of a quick GO.

Run Game

This is the area in which Jernigan really excels. Jernigan is able to use a wide variety of moves in the run game to his advantage, but he’s especially effective with his use of the rip-pull and swim. He’s very quick along the line of scrimmage and it allows him to fill gaps and running lanes. He played a lot of 1 tech for the ‘Noles which is likely where he’d see a lot of his time at the next level with the Rams (if drafted). From this spot he is very proficient at shedding blocking, and locating his target...his awareness on the line is profound. Perhaps my favorite attribute of his is his ability to “eat up blockers”, thus allowing for his linebackers to attack without going against 300LB OGs. This is a vital trait in the NFL for 4-3 Defensive Linebackers as linebackers continue to get a little smaller. Through the run game he also shows great potential to shoot gaps and already has nice hand usage against his foe.

Pass Game

Timmy Jernigan is a maddeningly inconsistent pass rusher in terms of his play. He, for the most part, is effective, but a lot of the ways he “wins” will not work against the NFL caliber lineman. After his *slow* get-off the ball he is already at a disadvantage, from here sometimes he uses a hesitation move where he waits for them to attack, then pulls them towards and him and he uses his quickness to get past; an NFL Lineman will not be so consistently duped by this move, and they’ll shut it down quickly. This is not his only move, as he has a very effective swim and bull rush, but they’re often stumped because of his lack of quickness in his initial punch. He is too complacent to be blocked, and doesn’t get his hands on his man first nearly enough. If a Mauling lineman gets their hands on Timmy before he does his at the next level, he will be easily pushed off the ball. He has some potential in pass rushing but i don’t ever see him being anything more than a 3-5 sack guy.



In short, I think that Timmy Jernigan has the skills needed to be a fantastic run stuffer in a 4-3 defense, but I don’t see a ton of potential as a pass rusher. He can cause some disruption in the pass game, but he’ll in the run game much more than he’ll do with the ball in the QB’s hands. That being said, he is still a very nice looking prospect whether you think he fits best at 1 or 5 technique. Jernigan will likely develop into a stout run defender and contributor in the pass rush. Early 3rd Round Grade. Some of his skills translate nicely, some do not. A lot of his faults stem from his hesitance and lack of a quick get off, so if he or coaches can get him past this, he’ll be much more valuable than I view him being as of now.

Fit with St. Louis

Jernigan could play the 1 tech with Brockers at 3 (where he commonly lines up), with Quinn and Long at DE. If he was selected he would take over for Langford who commonly is removed from the game on the 3rd downs ranging longer than 5 yards, so that could minimize the immediate pass rush concern. However, Jernigan is a player that would be best fit with another team, and the Rams would be better off going with a more impactful contributor in the pass game. Brockers already holds down the middle of the line in terms of the run game, and taking Jernigan would really be redundant.