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Size - Lewan tips the scale at 315 Lbs and measures out at 6’8, both of which being very beneficial to him. He has long arms which allow him to get first contact on his man when he’s aggressive. His size is ideal for both Tackle spots, but his height could hinder him if he ever were forced to move inside to Guard.

Athleticism - Upon my viewing of Lewan I was actually pretty surprised by his overall athleticism. He moves extremely well in space and moves quickly in short areas. Michigan asked him to swing some as well as get to the 2nd level, both of which he was able to do proficiently. In base run and pass plays, Lewan shows adequate power and agility in his game; he moves well for a left tackle as has enough power to knock his man off balance. His balance leaves some to be desired as he can be knocked off balanced semi-easily. He has some flexibility but not anything to write home about. His athleticism is better than you’d expect it to be for a guy who looks like he does;it’s not outstanding, but it is good.


Run Blocking - Lewan is a very sturdy blocker on the ground. He is a pretty natural knee bender, doesn’t go outside himself, and holds a strong base. Once he gets his hand his man the DE/OLB is typically taken out of the play; he has solid leg drive and is a very impressive sealer of his man from the running lane. He has a tendency to lunge at this target at times, but I see that as a correctable issue as it is pretty coachable. One of his few flaws is how often he’s on the ground. This tends to remain a relatively consistent issue with him. Overall, he’s a good not great run blocker, but he has pretty decent potential to become a very good mauling Left or Right tackle in the run game. 

Pass Blocking - In pass protection Lewan has showcases all of his natural gifts, but he has some technical issues to go along with them. The Michigan Tackle has a strong punch but he has a tendency to lunge and bend instead of using his length to his advantage. Lewan is pretty consistent in pass protection against collegiate defenders, but that may not be the case at the next level because of his technical issues. He has very sloppy feet in Pass pro (he’s a big heel-clapper) and this leads to balance issues. An NFL O-line coach should be able to clean it up, but it’s my biggest flaw with his game. For what it’s worth, they’re not ALWAYS bad, but they are sloppy on many of his pass plays throughout the game. On a positive note, Lewan’s mirroring ability is pretty terrific at mirroring his man’s movements and stopping all progress.

Looking at the big picture, there’s a lot to point to and be encouraged by Lewan, but there’s a lot of work to be done as well.

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Overall - As a whole, Taylor Lewan is a pretty solid all-around football player. He is better than above average in both the run game and pass pro and has athleticism to go along with it; however, his technical issues will need to be ironed out for him to have success. With what I know, I’d feel comfortable with him placing a late 1st round grade on him. He has the natural tools and possesses a skillset that makes me believe he could play either Left or Right Tackle.


Fit with Rams - With Jake Long’s injury to his knee and a questionable future for Joseph Barksdale at RT, little is known with St. Louis and their Tackles. If Jake Long is ready to go he would obviously be the team's Starting Left Tackle. Lewan could potentially be an upgrade over Barksdale within a quick timeframe which may be enticing as an asset to protect Sam Bradford. I don’t expect Lewan to escape the 20s due to other team’s needs, so that would mean for the Rams to acquire him at pick 13. That’s too rich for me, but we’ll see how it all shakes out as the process moves along.