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At 6’6 310 pounds, Cyrus has everything could possibly want in a Tackle prospect. He possesses great length and an overall strong build from top to bottom. Size is nothing but a plus for Cyrus, but he is inconsistent in using it; he doesn’t always use his long arms to his advantage.


Cyrus’ overall game is upper class in terms of quickness and power. For his size he is quick out of his set and deals a powerful blow. He’s very well built and uses his power actively in both facets of the game. His quickness is easily seen in the run game, mostly. He is able to jump out of his set and cover the area from his LT spot to a LB in a hiccup. However, though he has this quickness and fundamental power, Kouandjio greatly lacks coordination with his balance which is obviously vital to the success of an Offensive Tackle in pass protection.

See how easily he is knocked off balance (and to the ground) without really being hit at all. It’s hard to pinpoint if this is a fixable issue, but it will need to be improved upon or hidden for him to be a viable left or right tackle.


Cyrus is an inconsistent player in a technical sense. Some plays he has crisp, precise, smooth form others he is very messy.

Run Game

- Kouandjio has potential to be a heathen in run game, and he’s often very good at it. In ‘Bama’s run oriented offense he is asked to straight block at the LOS and get to the 2nd level. He’s vicious and mean in the run game but he provides much more than that; his quickness to the 2nd level is other worldly. Though he has the quickness to get their, Cyrus often misses or doesn’t get enough of a hand on his man to take him out of the play on such plays (against Lbs). I attribute this to him just getting “excited” and trying to slam a guy. When asked to play within himself Cyrus is a very solid run blocker overall, but he has potential to become elite.

Pass Game- In the pass game is where many of Cyrus’ negatives come into play, but there is also a lot to like. First of all, out his set, Cyrus does what I’d best describe as a train carrying carts; the train (his body) is ahead of the carts (his feet) which are just along for the ride. He throws his body to the left to get a quick advantage on the DE too often, but he shows potential in his footwork

In that GIF you see how quick Kouandjio’s feet are. Also, in that you see his flexibility when bull rushed. His flexibility is rare for a man of his size and it serves as a key part of his game. In pass pro is where his Balance issues come to fruition as he is knocked off his set. Commonly, he doesn’t use his length appropriately as he sits back and waits (“catching”) and doesn’t even get the chance to use his deadly punch. This GIF shows my issue; he could have easily punched him and knocked the DE off balance, but instead he waits and the defender is able to bend the edge quicker than he can scoot or push him away, resulting in the QB Sack/strip.


 Outside Move

 Inside Move

 Bull Rush

 Outside %

 Inside %


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 Ole Miss







































One play summary of his game: In this play (below), his heels are clapping, he’s quick out of his stance, waits to attack, shows off anchor /flexibility but when he does go after it you see his raw strength + length and cements his man into the turf. 


After my study, I came away pleasantly surprised by Cyrus. I didn’t think I’d like him at all, but he shows a lot of tools and correctable issues. His tools in blocking, speed and size combo are all too much for me to overlook completely. I don’t agree with the first round pick idea, but I think he would be a wise pick in the Late 2nd or the Early 3rd. He’ll go early than that, off potential I’m sure, but this is where is value is to me.


As I said, my value on him is lower than where I expect Scouts and Teams to be on him. He does fit the need at Right Tackle and the pick could potentially pay dividends. I could see him going first round for some teams off need and his upside, but I’d be extremely wary of him that early. If by some circumstance he is available in Rd 2 for the Rams, I’d be content if that was the pick.